How the Universal SERPs Are Changing & How to Stay on Top


How the Universal SERPs Are Changing & How to Stay on Top

The SERPs are constantly evolving and will continue to do so. Get insights on what to focus on to improve your SEO strategy.

Dr. Pete’s Guide To The Changing Google SERPs

Can’t keep up with all the changes to Google’s search engine result pages, or SERPs? Relax – Dr. Pete Meyers gets everyone upto speed with the latest. Using data from the Moz Mozcast service, Meyers guides us through the growth of Knowledge Graph boxes, what’s been going on with the “Local Pack” boxes, changes with carousel displays and more.

Moderator: Danny Sullivan, Founding Editor, Search Engine Land (@dannysullivan)

Speaker: Dr. Pete Myers (@dr_pete), Marketing Scientist at Moz

From Search Marketing Expo (SMX) West in San Jose, CA. March 3, 2015.

The Death of Ten Blue Links: New Ways To Drive Traffic In Zero-click SERPs Era by Kevin Indig

We’ve just had a webinar by Kevin Indig “New Ways To Drive Traffic In Zero-click SERPs Era”

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Here are 3 points the webinar would cover:

1) How the SERPs changed over time and what that means for organic traffic
2) Which verticals suffer the most under Google’s SERP Features
3) Ways to drive a lot of traffic in times of zero-click SERPs

Here are some article related to this webinar which can be helpful for you:

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4. How To Get Ahead Of The Largest Advertisers In The Market: PPC SERP Crawling:

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What’s Up with Those Google Title Tag Updates? [+ Tools to Monitor Your SERPs]

If you’re seeing your meta and title tags changing in the Google SERPs, you’re not alone — but there are ways to stay on top of those changes.

SEO strategist Calvin Carter explains what SEOs are seeing in the ever-changing meta title landscape, offering a few tools to help digital marketers like you evaluate the edits Google is making to your meta data.

00:00 Intro
00:16 Google’s Title Tag Updates
00:47 Wordstream Title Tag Example
02:05 Keyword Surfer
02:25 SEOwl
03:17 Conclusion

“So, we were talking about (or, Drew was talking about) the title tags and how Google generates those now.

I just was looking at this; I thought this was pretty funny — it’s from Google’s blog — where it says, really, these are the only reasons that they’ll generate different title tags. Either they’re very long, keyword-stuffed, or contain boilerplate language — which is hilarious because, obviously, we’ve seen different things.

Wordstream was talking about one of the title rewrites dropped their click-through rate 37%. They just showed when that happened, which was last month, and it was for their keyword tool.

So, what happened was Google changed their title tag to one of their headings that was further down the page and is the one that was right above the free keyword tool. They said, basically, that made it more of an informational page instead of people actually coming to actually use the tool.

So, what they did was they rewrote their title tag, and then they requested the recrawling through Search Console, and they said that that immediately improved the page traffic. Then, they also were able to see that Google updated their title tag with the one they put in.

This was the 26th, so if you Google that now — and if you use Keyword Surfer, it will show when the title’s been changed — and so, if you look here, Google actually changed it again from the one that they rewrote. It obviously didn’t stick very long.

That brought me to this other tool I had seen, where you can check and see if your title’s been rewritten. Obviously, there’s probably been a lot of people on here lately, but you can put in the URLs and you can put in the sitemap, and it will show you if they’ve been rewritten.

This was the one I was just looking at. So, it had changed what they had written again to this.

I thought that this one was funny, because this was actually on that page that I was looking at here, and it just, I guess, removed ‘Google’s’ and added ‘Google’s’ again.

This just looks like it’s going to be a mess for a while.”

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Evaluating SERPs for Better Rankings: Jeff Baker (BakerSEO)

Join guest speaker Jeff Baker of BakerSEO for a webinar on evaluating SERPs for better rankings.

Jeff discussed the three primary RankBrain signals and strategies for how to impact them.

The old signals (link profile, on-page SEO, and topic coverage) now only get your website initial seeding. From there on out, it’s all about interaction signals (RankBrain).

Links to additional resources & slides:

0:00 Intro
0:33 Jeff takes the floor
2:24 RankBrain is taking over day-to-day rankings
2:35 Early ranking factor hierarchy
3:40 New ranking factor hierarchy
4:56 RankBrain
5:21 Rankings lifecycle
7:46 Primary RankBrain signals
7:51 Expected CTR
10:12 Title tags
12:10 Content depth
17:01 Title tag audit
22:28 Content audit
25:09 Q &A

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About Jeff Baker:
Jeff Baker runs BakerSEO, an SEO training organization to teach the 5% of SEO that creates 95% of results.

Previously the CMO of Brafton, a creative content marketing agency, his work has been seen on, Search Engine Land, and more.

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