5 Value-Added SEO Benefits For Your Enterprise


5 Value-Added SEO Benefits For Your Enterprise

SEO offers great benefits for generating leads, enhancing visibility, and driving traffic and sales – but that's not all it does.

YouTube SEO in 2021: How to Get Your Videos to Rank

Looking to ramp up your YouTube channel? Make sure you’re optimizing every video you post for YouTube SEO so it has the best chance to rank for your target keyword. And to help make your video creation even easier, there’s Visme: https://www.visme.co/video-maker/

Creating a YouTube channel requires more effort than creating a video and uploading it. There are so many steps to ensure you’re properly optimizing your videos for YouTube search.

YouTube is considered the second largest search engine behind its parent company Google, so it should come as no surprise that it has its own algorithm that channels need to compete for.

To help you get started with YouTube SEO, we’ve put together this guide with 15 tips for ensuring your videos have a chance at topping the search results:

1:05 1. YouTube Keyword Research
2:33 2. YouTube Video Optimization
3:34 3. Increase Comments On Your Videos
4:19 4. Focus On the Video Quality
5:00 5. Design an Eye-Catching Thumbnail
5:42 6. Add Captions
6:33 7. Build Links to Your YouTube Channel
6:59 8. Promote Your YouTube Channel
7:28 9. Try Email Marketing
7:46 10. Embed Your Videos
8:12 11. Keep an Eye On Competitors
8:36 12. Use YouTube for Keyword Research
9:10 13. Increase Your YouTube Video Watch Time
9:37 14. Review Your YouTube Analytics
10:11 15. Create Engaging Intros and Outros

Ready to start creating your own awesome YouTube videos and grow your channel? These 15 tips should help.

And to learn even more, you can check out the blog post version of this video: https://visme.co/blog/youtube-seo/

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Google My Business: Rank #1 on Google Maps in 2021 (Local SEO)

Step By Step Google My Business Tutorial to Rank #1 on Google Maps and Local SEO Tips 2021.

SEO Consultation: https://chrispalmermarketing.com

Today I will go through an entire process from start to finish in 2021. Everything from how and what to do when setting up your Google Business listing all the way to setting up your local business website.

I will cover local SEO tips and techniques that you will need to take into consideration to have a successful SEO campaign for any business and for every single niche there is.

I’ve been asked multiple times, Chris ! Please make a video from start to finish how to optimize GMB and perform SEO for a business that really does not know much about search engines and is just getting started. So today that is this video to get you started and ranking on Google business and in local SERPS.

What you will learn in this week by week step by step guide.
1.Google My Business Optimization from the listing to reviews.
2. Trust factors
3. Business website optimization
4. GMB optimizations
5. Local Schema
7. As much as I can pack in regarding local SEO and ranking #1 in Google Maps and in Google My Business.

If you have further questions related to SEO for your local business feel free to ask below.

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SEO Guide for Remodeling Companies 5/8: Google Maps (Google My Business)

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Google My Business listing is very powerful for bringing in new customers and establishing your business online so people can find you when they’re looking for the services you offer. If Google Maps is working for you, then you don’t need to do anything else. Take the customers you get, provide the best experience possible, and your business will grow and thrive. When I am executing a new lead generation strategy for a client, Google Maps is where I always start. For that reason, this might be the most important video in this SEO series, so let’s get straight into it.

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Do Fiver “Google My Maps Citations” Help with Local Rankings?

Google My Maps Citations are presented on Fiverr to business owners as a a way to get quick local rankings, but do these custom maps actually impact rankings? Find out in this Whitespark Weekly episode what happens to rankings if a business builds thousands of map pins in My Maps.

We had 28,000 My Maps pins added to a custom map for a business and tracked the impact of this on their local rankings over a 3 month period.

On Fiverr they claim My Maps will benefit businesses by:
1. Achieving fast local rankings
2. Top rankings in local 3-pack

The results: No impact on rankings.

The recommendation: Save yourself the money. Google My Maps citations will not help your business rank better in search results.

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