Ecommerce & Mcommerce Trends & Tips for Holiday Marketing


Ecommerce & Mcommerce Trends & Tips for Holiday Marketing

Are you getting your ecommerce and mcommerce programs ready for the holidays? Read about what to do to take advantage of their full potential here.

Five E-commerce marketing TIPs to drive holidays sales on your Shopify store

The holiday season is proven to be among the most lucrative ones for the merchants. Consumers spent around $789 billion USD during the holiday period in 2020 in the US alone. So, in this video, we’ll share our top 5 holiday tips for online merchants to help to prep and execute successful promotions to drive holiday sales this season.

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Holiday Marketing: 5 Tips To Increase eCommerce Sales

We’re expecting to see online sales hit new records this 2020 holiday season, so be sure to implement these 5 holiday marketing tips to drive more eCommerce conversions.

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Holiday Readiness Guide: Marketing For The Holidays

When times are lean, it’s standard practice for businesses to cut marketing spend first. However, COVID-19 has exposed the eCommerce businesses that have not embraced online marketing. From analysis by DigitalCommerce360: “Brands that have pulled back on marketing spending (-42% vs. February), whether out of an abundance of caution or necessary cost-cutting in the face of the loss of sales, are seeing their online DTC sales struggle (-40% vs. the same period a year ago).”

From this data, we can infer that marketing should be a priority for most brands looking to get through COVID intact. The trick is to get the most bang for your buck since it also pays to be cautious right now.

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Holiday Google Ads Trends for 2022 | Ecommerce Marketing with the Pitbulls

It’s never too early to start your holiday Google Ads planning! It’s time to get ready for the holidays with our new series. This 3-part series will tackle (1) 2022 trends we see heading into the upcoming holiday season, (2) how to tackle your Google Ads planning holiday calendar, and (3) tips on how to crush the upcoming holiday season!

This first video covers all the trends we’ve seen so far this year and how this will affect your upcoming Google Ads performance.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:10 – Trend #1 – We’re seeing higher costs and lower returns
01:45 – Trend #2 – The holiday season will continue to flatten
02:56 – Tip! Get your holiday promos together now
03:18 – Trend #3 – Deals & sales matter more this coming holiday season
04:12 – Trend #4 – Sustainability still matters to consumers
04:45 – Recap
05:56 – Up next: Prepping your Google Ads strategies for the holidays