How Google Search Console Tracks ‘People Also Ask’ Performance Data


How Google Search Console Tracks ‘People Also Ask’ Performance Data

Here’s how clicks and impressions from ‘people also ask’ snippets are attributed in Google Search Console.

How to Analyze Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ for SEO Content Using SEO Minion

Learn how to analyze Google’s “People Also Ask” feature to help you find keywords and topics to write about using SEO Minion.

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How to Connect Google Search Console to Google Data Studio

In this tutorial video, Ignite Visibility CEO John Lincoln will teach you how to connect Google Search Console to Google Data Studio. Then you’ll learn how to actually layer data so you can do this for your business.

There are 2 different ways you can import your Search Console Data.

Option 1: Google Data Connector – Go to Google Connectors, find Search Console and type in the name of the property you’d like to connect.

If you’re ready to take a deep dive and enhance the data, you’ll need to import it from the web interface or through the API. From there you’ll be able to manipulate your data (using Google Sheets or Big Query) and then connect it to Data Studio.

Option 2: Start by exporting your Search Console data. Then add your own data on top of it. Finally, import all of it into Data Studio.

Bonus Tip: navigate to to find access data from over 800 data sets and over 550 different connectors

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Analyzing Search performance data with bubble charts – Search Console Training

In this episode of Search Console Training, Daniel Waisberg shares how to use bubble charts to analyze Search performance data. Bubble charts are a great way to visualize multiple metrics and dimensions at once, making it easy to see relationships and patterns in your data. Learn about clicks, click-through rate, and average position for queries and devices to help surface query optimization opportunities. This video is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about how to use Search Console to improve their website’s performance.

Google Search Essentials →
Optimizing website performance with a Search Console bubble chart →
Bubble chart template →

0:00 – Introduction to optimizing Search performance with bubble charts
1:00 – Understanding the bubble chart
3:22 – Analyzing the data
5:43 – Optimizing your website performance
6:57 – Wrap up

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Google Search Console and how do we use it to check our SEO results

Episode 65 of #DigitalBrunch​​​​​​: Google Search Console and how do we use it to check our SEO results

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